domingo, enero 24, 2010

My friend´s weeding...

One week was enough to see two friends very happies. The last week was very interesting. I don´t know how to explain the emotions than I saw and I felt in these two moments.

First, my friend Fernando said "yes" to him wife in the Church in front of the people who want to accompany them. This happened one week ago.

Yesterday was the second wedding. In this time, one of my best in the unviersity will married.

Certainly I liked to be there. This things made me think about Me and when will be my time to marry with some girl.

I know than i need more time to consider that point in my life. I don´t have money, i don´t have a good job, i don´t have health and the most important ... I don´t have somebody to say "love".

Like my friend Diego will tell me "You always pessimist". Maybe there is someone special for me. Maybe I know her eeven years, but it´s just a idea... a theory... nothing real.

"I want to live.. like!!..."

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