domingo, octubre 31, 2010

No matter my life?

It´s a normal day in my life... looking for something... i don´t know what.. i don´t know who...

When i was walking to job I think than she´s Ok. Time to time... she remember me. Sometimes with a smile, anothers with pain.

There are people in my hemophila community than looking me ... like a "leader", like a "example" for kids and children with the same diagnosis.

My entire life is very complicated, for a good reason. I just do the things thinking in a good purpose to try to get a goal. My brothers and sisters must have a better life.. a quality of life ( i hate this frase).

One day, when i have a bleeding i will know what hospital could give me a good medicine.

My dear friends than know more english than me, we will tell me than i must to improve my english.... One day maybe.. i need to study in an language insittituve.. or something like that.

"There were one day than you were my tuautem.... but now, i just can to say you.... mizpah..."

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